Thursday, June 17, 2010

State Attorney Generals Wants Google Answers

While Google was out collecting data for their brilliant Google Earth application, they also collected data that they may be wishing they never did - personal WIFI data from homes and businesses across the world. At least two prosecuters are asking for answers.

Massachussets Attorney General Martha Coakely and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have sent correspondance to Google demanding information about the data that was allegedly collected in Google's street cars.

While Illinois and Massachusetts have formally asked for details, it is rumored that over 30 other Attorney Generals have been discussing the situation. Google fell under scrutiny from US Officials and privacy groups worldwide after they admitted to accidently collecting this data.

While many want to know how this happened, even more what to know why Google has retained the information and what they intend to do with the data.

On a side note, the data collected was sensitive information from unsecured Wi-Fi connections. If your connection is secured, your information was likely not compromised.

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