Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alvin Greene for South Carolina?

Many people say they voted for Alvin Greene because the name sounded familiar, or perhaps it was simply because his name appeared first on the ballot? Either wouldn't be surprising. Neither of the South Carolina contenders for the Senate seat for the Democratic party campaigned, other than some small online video's. But who is Alvin Greene?

Alvin Greene is an unemployed military veteran who lives with his father in South Carolina. Mr. Greene has stated his situation as destitute, yet he paid the $10,400 filing fee to submit his application to be on the ballot. Questions from both parties have surfaced, including where Mr. Greene received the money from. The Obama administration has stated that they do not feel Mr. Greene is a viable option.

To make matters even more confusing, Mr. Greene is currently facing felony charges, accused of showing a 19 yr old college student internet porn.

This clearly leaves little competition for the GOP nominee, US Sen. Jim DeMint. It is believed by many, that Alvin Greene was a plant placed in the Democratic race by the Republican party. An investigation is likely to ensue.

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